Aaron and Amanda Crabb Launch Into Ministry With "After The Rain"

Aaron and Amanda Crabb's first release, "After The Rain" shows that the heart of this young couple is ministering the word of God. After several years of marriage, two children, and the dissolution of the Crabb Family, the ministry of Aaron and Amanda is ready to bloom.

Many people know Aaron from his days with The Crabb Family. He started out playing bass but eventually became as well known for his stellar vocals. Aaron took the lead on the number one song, "He Came Looking For Me" and also on the remake of the classic "Nothing But The Blood" from the "Blur The Lines" CD. He and his signature purple velvet jacket have graced stages such as the grand Ole Opry.

Aaron and Amanda Crabb, Southern Gospel Ministry With Heart Amanda Crabb had performed full time with the Mike Bowling Group and also filled in with the Crabb Family. She has also made appearances at ladies conferences and church events and hosts a television show in Knoxville.

Aaron and Amanda have both answered the call to preach the gospel and their new ministry is focused more on churches then concert appearances. Their heart is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As they preach the word of restoration, deliverance and encouragement, they also incorporate their music ministry.

The ten songs (11 including Eli's Track) on their CD, "After The Rain" show that this young couple are still being used by God musically to reach His people. The first single released to radio, "Miracle" is a song of faith that is touching lives. Written by Aaron and Amanda the song is destined to be sung for years to come.

To book Aaron and Amanda Crabb contact BSA at 615-595-7500. You will be blessed that you did!

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Lyrics To Songs From "After The rain"


By Aaron and Amanda Crabb
From the CD, "After The Rain"

A little girl setting in her mother's arms
with sadness in her eyes
The doctor said I'm sorry mam
But there's no hope in sight
The family gathered round her
And on their knees began to pray
As the tears fell like rain
You could hear her mother say

Lord, I need a miracle today
Please just let one pass my way
I believe in you
Help me overcome this fear inside

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This pains to much for me to hide
Lord see me through
I need a miracle from you

A drunken man stumbles in the church house
Because he had no place to go
The loss of his family left him grieving in his soul
The preacher stood and spoke
Of how Jesus loves you anyway
Now with the choice at hand to run or stay
The man bowed his head and prayed

Chorus That little girl is now a wife with two kids of her own
And that man that bowed his head
Has led many to the throne with this prayer


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