"Champion of Love" Still Reigns as Classic Southern Gospel Song

“Champion of Love” is a timeless classic Southern Gospel Song. It was written by Phil Cross and made popular by the legendary Cathedrals. Gerald Wolfe’s lead vocals propelled this classic to the top of the Southern Gospel Music charts.

The inspiration for this Gospel classic was a boxing match. It originally appeared on the Cathedrals, “Symphony of Praise” album. The song can also be found on some of the Cathedrals Greatest Hits albums including, “Cathedral Classics and “The Best of the Cathedrals, Compact Disc [CD]” . A wonderful DVD version of the song can be found on, “The Best of the Cathedrals, DVD”.

This classic Southern Gospel song has been sung by many groups over the years. One of my favorite versions

The Cathedrals Quartet made this powerful song a hit. of the song is by The Crabb Family on their “Blur the Lines” CD. The song has been sung in many languages and you can watch a young quartet sing the song in Spanish near the bottom of this page.

This favorite is one of those songs that has stood the test of time. The lyrics are as powerful today as the day that they were first sung. The message still touches hearts for Christ.

Retire To Something

Lyrics To "Champion of Love"

by Phil Cross
Made popular by The Cathedrals

Ladies and Gentlemen
May I have your attention
I want to introduce to you
In this corner
Of the Good and the Right
Stands a Champion robed in white
His height exceeds the heavens
His weight out weighs the world

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His reach reaches everywhere
His age is evermore

He is higher than the highest
Greater than the great
No one will ever take Hid crown away
He’s more mighty than the mightiest
He reigns from above
He’s the all-time, undisputed, undefeated, champion of love

He left His home town
To enter this arena
To raise His hands in victory for me
An angry crowd crucified
This King Who wore their crown
And they gladly watched the Champion going down
But I will never count Him out
For I’m a witness of
The day He rose to retain the title
Champion of love

Chorus three times

"Champion" Accompaniment Tracks and Downloads

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I found these videos on You Tube and thought that they were interesting. Anything by the Cathedrals is worth watching. The Spanish version is unique as well.

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Champion of Love, Classic Southern Gospel on Youtube.

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