"God Walks The Dark Hills" Lyrics to This Classic Southern Gospel Song

God Walks the dark Hills is a classic Southern Gospel song that still touches lives today. Everytime I hear this song I think of Vestal Goodman Vestal Goodman whom made popular the classic Southern Gospel song, pouring her heart out in song, hanky in hand, almost pleading for lost souls to come home to Christ.

This classic Southern Gospel song was originally recorded by the Hallelujah Minstrels in 1969. It was then recorded by the Happy Goodmans and became an instant classic as Vestal Goodman’s voice along with the intense lyics overwhelmed audiences for years.

Recently this classic southern gospel song, was recorded and released by The Perrys on their Remembering the Happy Goodmans album. Libbi Perry Stuffle's voice is well suited to this song and it is perhaps one of my favorite versions.

This classic Southern Gospel song speaks of God's love for all people, even those lost in sin. What a wonderful God we have that, while we were yet sinners, He sent His Son to die for us. (Romans 5:8)

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Lyrics to the Southern Gospel Classic Song

Made popular by The Happy Goodmans
Written by Audra Czarnikow

God walks the dark hills
The ways, the highways
And He walks through the billows
Of life's troubled sea
And He walks in the cold dark night
The shadows of midnight
God walks the dark hills
Just to guide you and me

Just to guide my footsteps
He walks everywhere
By night and by day
And He walks in the silence
On down the highway
Just to show me the way.

God walks in the storm
The rain, the sunshine
He still walks in the shadows
Or through glimmering light
He helps us walk up the mountains
So high, cross rivers, through valleys
God walks the
Just to Guide you and me

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