The Crabb Family's Farewell Concert,Pictures and Recap

It was a hot and humid night under a large canvass tent in Hyndman Pennsylvania when the Crabb Family took the stage for their last “official concert” together as a family group. The crowd which began filtering in more than two hours before the start of the concert came from all over the east coast and steadily grew to about 1200 people.

At 7:50 the Crabb Family walked onstage to a mildly enthusiast response from the crowd. (This was the last performance of the Crabb Family. I expected a deafening roar.) The The Crabb Family was one of Southern Gospel Music's most popular groups. Crabb Family, each wearing a black t-shirt that read “In It Not Of It”, the theme of the camp meeting broke into the first song of the night, “Friend of God” from their "Blur the Lines" CD.

This song was followed by “You Let The Light Back In” from their "The Walk" project. This went into a soulful, shortened, yet moving version of “Through The Fire” .

I have to admit that at this point I felt that the music was not overly inspired – perhaps “cautious” or “controlled” would describe the sound. It was very good but lacked the energy that I have come to expect from the Crabb Family. Perhaps this was due to my high expectations

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expectations of the “last official concert” hype that I had built up in my mind. Or it may have been that the Crabbs were concentrating on not breaking down in tears under the weight of their final performance.

Jason took to the mic and explained that this was a special night. That the farewell tour was coming to an end and that it was going to be an emotional night; the band might break down in tears. He then introduced a new song from their upcoming album, "Letting Go" entitled, "The Cafe". At 8:19 Aaron sang a new song entitled, “Holy One” that was very good and the Spiritual temperature under the tent jumped several degrees. Terra took over and than sang “I Go To The Rock” and the crowd was on their feet.

At about 8:30 Adam took to the microphone with a word of exhortation and encouragement to the crowd and the pastor. He hopped off the stage and laid hands on the pastor. Jason did a flying leap from the stage covering about 50 feet in the blink of an eye and was dancing before the Lord with the abandonment of David at the gates of the The Crabb Family before farewell concert. city. At this point, basically the concert was over – it was all God from that point on.

During the next three hours Adam, Aaron, and Jason prayed. They prayed a prayer of healing for Terra and she was out, down on the carpet. They prayed for a hundred youths to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the Spirit fell. A prayer line was formed and most of the crowd was prayed for. Kelly was called from the stage by a man in a cowboy had to pray for a women that couldn’t walk to the stage. People were healed. People were set free. Souls were won to the Kingdom.

During the prayer time the Crabb Family sang several more songs as they took turns ministering. The sounds of the Crabb Family singing “How Great Is Our God”, “How Great Thou Art”, “Above All” and “Here I Am To Worship” filled the tent. Gone was the air of apprehension that had marked the opening of the concert. God had taken over and the Crabbs were in their element, swimming in the river of the Spirit. Ministry had taken the drivers seat. The music was of secondary importance. It was about God and God using the Crabb Family to minister to His people. It was about the Crabb Family being obedient to the calling that God had placed upon their lives. As great as the Crabbs are at ministering in song, their hands on ministry is even more powerful. The Crabb Family took their time and prayed for everyone in that long prayer line.

As the nearly full moon crested the Allegany Mountains the Crabbs took to the stage one last time as the Crabb Family. Adam, Terra, Aaron, Kelly and Jason along with the Crabb Family band standing together on stage under the dim lights of the camp meeting tent. The time had come to say farewell.

Adam Crabb with the Crabb kids during the Crabb Family's farewell concert.

No tears only smiles and joy about what God had done and the promises of what God will do.

The Crabb children, the third generation – including Spiderman, joined their parents on stage and the band began to play. It was a celebration. Smiles, laughter, joy. They jammed playing a set that included the theme from the movie Rocky and the final song of the night – “Sweet Home Up In Heaven” sung to the tune of Sweet Home Alabama.

As the twins, Kelly and Terra walked off stage and Jason unstrapped his guitar I realized that I had come with an anticipation of celebrating the Crabb Family for what they had done, Kelly Bowling signs a Cd at the Crabb Family's final concert. who they were, a celebration of the past. The night wasn’t a celebration of the Crabb Family but a glorification of God. The Crabb Family wasn’t looking back at what they had accomplished but were looking ahead and trusting that God will honor their obedience to Him and the direction that He is taking them. God is not done with the Crabb Family. Click here for sale titles at Sheet Music Plus

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