"He's In Control", First Single From Southern Gospel's Hot New Group Austins Bridge

"He's In Control" is the hot new single from the self entitled Austins Bridge CD is the new Southern Gospel trio on the Daywind Record Label. Mike Kofahl, Jason Baird and Justin Rivers are the three young men that make up Austins Bridge.

Austins Bridge has a progressive Southern Gospel sound that I would compare to the Crabb Family and Mike Bowling Group but with a twist that makes their music uniquely their own. When asked to describe their music they kind of chuckled. Jason Baird reflected, "I don't know if you can sum it up in a specific genre." I agree, some of the music on this project breaks new ground. The rich vocal harmonies help define the sound as having Southern Gospel roots.

"He's In Control" was written by group members Justin Rivers and Mike Kofahl. John Rowsey also has credit on the song. Mike points out that this might be his favorite song on the album. Not only because he helped to write it but because, "It's just us. We are pretty much just giving the reins to God and saying You have control of what we are doing. He is in control".

This powerful new song by Austins Bridge is a song that will encourage you. I have included links to resources for this song. The lyrics to "He's In Control" are at the bottom of this page.

You can find accompaniment tracks for the song here He's In Control

This is a link to another great song by Austins Bridge, "He Will Carry You". It was cowritten by Justin Rivers and Aaron Crabb. One of my favorite songs on the album. He Will Carry You

Lyrics to "He's In Control"
Written by Justin Rivers, Mike Kofahl and John Rowsey
performed by Austins Bridge

Verse 1
If you’ve started a journey
Down a long dusty road
If your hearts been searchin’
For a place to call home
If sin and affliction
Has lead you to grieve
My friend be encouraged
By the words that I speak

Be not you weary
When on this journey
For you will reap
If you faint not
If dark clouds should rise and thunder roll
Look to the Master
For He’s in control

If heartache and trouble
Is all you’ve known
Peace and contentment
Has left you alone
But there’s One Who’s waiting (waiting)
With His arms open wide
And He gently whispers
Heed these words of Mine

Chorus x2
Heed these words on Mine
Heed these words on Mine

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