The Hoppers - 30 Years of Southern Gospel Music and Still Going Strong

The Hoppers are one of Southern Gospel Music's most respected and beloved family groups. For over three decades the Hoppers have been singing traditional Southern Gospel music. They have received numerous awards including Favorite Mixed Group Award (8 times)and Mixed Vocal Group SGMA (6 times). Individually they have also been recognized with many awards.

"They combine the best of traditional Southern Gospel music, with a new twist", comments Tim Eutin of the He's Alive Radio Network. "The Hoppers have a way of taking their strong harmonies and blending in music with a contemporary sound. The result is uniquely their own."

The Hoppers, Southern Gospel Music and Lyrics That Bless Songs like their number one hit, "Jerusalem " and their current single "Yahweh" from their "The Ride" CD, capture the listener's attention with unique rhythms and powerful gospel lyrics.

The Hoppers are versatile and their traditional approach to Southern Gospel music has earned them several number one songs. "Here I Am" was also the "Song of the Year in 1990. Other number one songs include, "Milk & Honey", "Mention My Name", "Anchor To The Power of the Cross" and "Yes, I Am".

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Hoppers Family Biographies

The Hoppers are a family group. Claude Hopper, the group's founder, is one of the most respected men in Southern Gospel Music. He serves on the Board of Directors for the National Quartet Convention and received his honorary Doctor of Music Degree from Oakland City University. North Carolina Governor Jim Martina and Senator Jesse Helms honored Claude for his many contributions to gospel music. He also is on the board of directors of the First Bank in Mayodan, NC.

Connie Hopper is perhaps the "Queen of Gospel Music", an award that she was honored with. Her pleasing voice and songwriting talent are inspirational. She has received many awards including Favorite Alto Award, the Marvin Norcross Award, and Person of the Year Award. She has a degree in Religion from Oakland City University.

Dean Hopper, the lead vocalist, is the oldest son of Connie and Claude. Dean has performed with the group for over twenty years. He originally served as the groups drummer. Dean is an instant favorite to all that hear him. He has earned many awards including Favorite Lead Vocalist, and was named one of the Outstanding Young Men of America. He has a business degree from Oakland City University.

Kim Hopper has one of the most dynamic voices in Southern Gospel music. before marrying Dean, Kim sang with her family's group, The Greenes, for ten years. Kim has received numerous awards including Female Vocalist and Singing News Soprano. Her first solo project, "Imagine" was released in 2003.

Michael Hopper is the youngest son of Claude and Connie. He is considered by many to be one of the industry's top percussionists. He was recognized as Favorite Musician by readers of Singing News magazine.

Lyrics to The Hoppers Songs


By Paula Stefanovich
As performed by The Hoppers
From the Cd, “The Ride”

Mmm Yahweh, Jesus is coming
In a manger, our Lord is coming
Mmm Yahweh, Jesus is coming
Born in Bethlehem, born in Bethlehem
Mmm Yahweh, Jesus is teaching
In the temple our Lord is teaching
Mmm Yahweh, Jesus is teaching
No one speaks like Him, no no one speaks like Him

Hosanna He comes in the form of a man
Jehovah the great God of Abraham
He lived just to die for our sin, Yahweh, for we sing

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Mmm Yahweh, Jesus is praying
In the garden, our Lord is praying
Mmm Yahweh, Jesus is praying
‘Let this pass from me, let this pass from me’
Mmm Yahweh, Jesus is dying
On the cross there, our Lord is dying
Mmm Yahweh, Jesus is dying
Dying for our sin, dying for our sin
Mmm Yahweh, Jesus is buried
In a rich man’s tomb, He is buried
Mmm Yahweh, Jesus is buried
But He will not stay, no He will not stay
Mmm Yahweh, Jesus is rising, our loed is rising
From the grave there our Lord is rising
Mmm Yahweh, Jesus is rising
Now He lives again, yes He lives again

Chorus 2
Hosanna He comes in the form of a man
Jehovah the great God of Abraham
He lived just to die for our sin
He rose from the grave, and He lives again

He rose from the grave
He lives again
He arose, He arose
Hallelujah, hallelujah
He lives again
Our Lord lives again

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