Lily Isaacs Discusses Latest Isaacs' Album "Big Sky"

"We are so excited about this new project (Big Sky), because it is so different then anything we’ve ever done”, smiles Lily Isaacs when asked about the Southern Gospel and Bluegrass music’s favorite family’s first album in two years. “My

daughters wrote half of the songs so it’s definitely Isaacs.”

“But we had such a wonderful producer on the project.” Lily Lily Isaacs, Southern Gospel and Bluegrass Singer continues, “His name is Mark Bright, He’s one of the hottest producers in Nashville at this time. He’s produced albums for Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts, Sara Evans….He really stretched us vocally and musically. The sound is just fantastic!”.

The first single from the new Isaacs “Big Sky CD”, being shipped to radio is the title track, “Big Sky” and it is being shipped to Country Radio not Christian radio. When asked about this Lily reflected, “Our message needs to go out to the people that don’t know Christ. Definitely part of our calling is to encourage Christians to keep on truckin’ on, walking on through the valley…but there is such a large part of our society out there that has no clue how to obtain peace in their heart. I think we started reaching them with the Heroes album.”

“Big Sky” is a song with a “great melody and is a lot of fun”, comments Lily, its like “being in wide open spaces where you can breathe, where heaven can shine down on you… a great feeling. Of course we have other songs with a heavier salvation message.”

Lily’s heart seems to be stirred with a passion to reach people with the gospel of Christ. “I think if you grab someone’s attention with good music and lyrics they will listen. What more would the Lord ask of us than to go out to a lost and dying world and tell them, ‘Hey, there is hope for you through Jesus…there is hope for you and there are people out there that care about your soul’’.

I asked Lily if she was concerned that people might think that the Isaacs are moving away from their Gospel roots and that they might alienate some long time fans. “I hope that we wouldn’t. I almost feel like this is what God said in His Word when He said to go out into the highways and hedges and compel. That doesn’t mean that you have to compromise the message to anyone but it does mean that we need to go out there and pull in people that don’t know.”

“If we can win just one person through a song, by getting them to listen to a song like “Big Sky” and then listening to the rest of the album and hearing songs like, “Love Is a Cross” or “The One I’m Dying For” then hopefully our goal will be accomplished. It’s never our intention to go into the world and be the world. But I believe that it’s part of God’s plan to go out to the world and present the message.”

One of the songs on the new Isaacs’ CD that contains the Gospel message is entitled; “Love Is A Cross”. “When we were in the studio with Mark Bright and were starting to review material he played that to us right from the start. He said that this was one of his favorite songs and that he had held onto it for probably ten years. He said that he thought that it would be a great song for us.” “Its such an amazing story of a woman who basically just was not a good Christian and married. The man had so much hope for her and bore reproach from the church and outside world but held onto God for her and she finally came to the knowledge of Christ. It’s a beautiful; song, a great song for Ben to sing."

“Barbie Band-Aids” is a song on the Isaacs’ “Big Sky” album that will bring a tear to the eye of anyone that has ever raised a daughter. It was written by Sonya and Becky with Cindy Morgan. “It’s my favorite song on the album”, smiles Lily, “Because I have two daughters and three grand daughters and watching them through the stages of life its like you blink your eyes and you’re getting them out of the bathtub with the Barbies”, she laughs, “Before you know it you are walking them down the aisle and giving them to someone in marriage”.

“Big Sky” by the Isaacs will be one of the major Southern Gospel albums released this year. The music has a freshness to it that transcends previous Isaacs’ albums. Perhaps it is the new producer, and the song selection. Whatever it may be, this album seems to show the Isaacs on the verge of growing past their traditional Southern Gospel roots and reaching a much larger audience not only with their unique bluegrass style of music but also with the life changing message of Christ.

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