Ivan Parker's "Inseparable", Southern Gospel Songs of Victory

Ivan Parker is one of Southern Gospel Music’s all time favorite male soloists. His latest CD, “Inseparable ” shows Ivan at his best. The CD comes shortly after Ivan Parker topped the Southern Gospel Music Charts with “I Choose” and continues the excellence that one expects from Ivan.

I caught up with Ivan Parker early one March morning shortly after the release of the album. We caught up on what’s been happening in his life including talk about him being a grandfather.

The talk about his 18 month old granddaughter, Olivia, brought a proud smile to his face as he mentioned how she calls him “Poppi”. Ivan chuckled when asked how he’s enjoying being a grand parent, “I don’t know who said it, but they were right when they said ‘If I knew how much fun grand children are – I would have had them first!”.

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The first single from the “Inseparable” CD is entitled, “You Can’t Take My Crown”. “I love the title – You Can’t Take My Crown”. Ivan smiles, “ When I got to listening to it, it inspired me because the first thing that Satan wants to do, whenever we go through a trial or a valley, when we are at our most vulnerable, is steal our joy. He wants to take our victory away from us – he wants to take every bit of joy in our lives away.

“But this is one of those kinds of songs that if you say the words with me, you are looking Satan straight in the eye and saying ‘Satan you can take all of these things away from me, but you can’t take my crown”.

Lyrics To You Can't Take My Crown"

You Can’t Take My Crown
By Gina Vera
Made Popular by Ivan Parker
From the CD, “Inseparable”
Retire To Something

Satan’s like a roaring lion
Roaming to and fro
Seeking whom he may devour
The Bible tells me so
He’s after me this moment
And he wants to bring me down
But I say, “No way
You can’t take my crown”

Chorus 1
You can’t take my crown
No, you can’t take my crown
I’ll never hand it over a
And I’ll never lay it down
I won’t be defeated
When there’s victory all around
No way
You can’t take my crown

Worry presses in on me
There’s trouble all the time
The tempter whispers in my ear
And messes with my mind
But I’m holding on to Jesus
And I speak to fear and doubt
And I say, “No way
You can’t take my crown”

Chorus 2
You can’t take my crown
No you can’t take my crown
I’ll never hand it over
And I’ll never lay it down
No I won’t be defeated
When there’s victory all around
No way, you can’t take my crown

Chorus 3
You can’t take my crown
No you can’t take my crown
I’ll never hand it over
And I’ll never lay it down
I won’t be defeated
When there’s victory all around
No way, no way
You can’t take my crown
Oh no, no way, you can’t take my crown
Satan, you can’t take my crown, oh no.

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Campmeeting Days

One of the songs on the new Ivan Parker “Inseparable” CD that sets the foot to tapping is called “Campmeeting”. The song was written by Geron Davis, who helped produce the CD and also wrote the classic song, “We Are Standing On Holy Ground”.

“Geron is a friend of mine from years ago”, Ivan explains when asked about this song. “So when I pulled him in to help with this CD he brought me a song. He said ‘Ivan here’s a fun song’ and

started playing it on the piano. I went ‘wow! That takes me back to when I was a kid, back to when I was a little boy like the first verse of the song. When dad would take all of us kids to campmeeting and we used to sing and we used to have the most fun at campmeeting.

The preaching and singing were just always different than at any other time. The songs sounded different. The sermons sounded different. So when he played it for me I thought ‘You know, I’m going to do this one for my mom” because momma is one of those little ladies that remember so well the campmeeting days – keeping us kids out of the saw dust”. He laughs….

Camp Meeting Days

By Geron Davis
Made Popular by Ivan Parker
From the CD, “Inseparable”

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I remember when I was just a boy
And summertime would roll around
Dad and mom would take the entire family
To campmeeting at the old campground
It was a time that’s still so dear to me
What joy those memories can bring
It seems that I still hear the sounds of praise
When we would make the rafters ring

I still remember old campmeeting
All the preaching, praying,singing
I still recall long years ago
When all the saints of God
would let the hallelujahs roll
I still remember when all the people
Would lift their voices in songs of praise
And I think Heaven’s gonna be
just like those old campmeeting days

Everyone would sing the songs we loved so dear
In perfect four part harmony
“I’ve Been Redeemed” and “He Wrote My Name”
somebody always sang “He Set Me Free”
and then we’d hear the preacher preach the Word
and tell of God’s amazing grace
sinners would repent the saints would all rejoice
oh what a time, campmeeting days

And I think heaven’s gonna be just like those campmeeting day
Campmeeting days

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