Sing Ivan Parker Best Southern Gospel Songs

Ivan Parker accompaniment tracks are a great way for you to use Southern Gospel Music to minister. Ivan Parker sings some of the most powerful Southern Gospel songs written. The lyrics of the songs that he sings cover a variety of themes. As he

states, he likes to cover "ten different sermons with ten different songs".

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Ivan Parker Accompaniment Tracks

The Grace That I'm Under, Accompaniment CD

(Everybody) Praise The Lord, Accompaniment CD

A Moment Such As This, Accompaniment CD

Love Called My Name, Accompaniment CD

No Doubt About It Accompaniment Compact Disc [CD]

I Rose To Riches, Accompaniment CD

Best Hallelujah In The House, Accompaniment Compact Disc [CD]

Be Blessed

It's True, Accompaniment Compact Disc [CD]

Under Grace (CD Trax)

Haven of Rest, Accompaniment CD

That Was Then... This Is Now CD

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