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Janet Paschal is one of Southern Gospel music’s finest female singers. Janet’s desire to become a professional Southern Gospel singer began at an early age. While in high school Janet began singing in a Gospel group and soon auditioned for and was accepted to fill a position with Southern Gospel legends, The LeFevres.

In the early 1980’s Janet Paschal was part of the Southern Gospel Janet Paschal releases group, The Nelons. She also joined the Jimmy Swaggart Evangelistic team. In 1986, Janet Paschal began her solo career and released her first solo album, “I Give You Jesus”.

Janet Paschal has been nominated for both Grammy and Dove awards. She has shared the platform with the Rev. Billy Graham and President Bush. In addition to Southern Gospel radio, Janet Paschal’s style of Southern Gospel music has found a home on Inspirational Radio. Her new project "Sounds Like Sunday"
contains music that will be a blessing to fans of good music regardless of their personal tastes. It contains something for everyone.

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A Talk With Southern Gospel’s Janet Paschal

There are certain people in Southern Gospel music that are just wonderful to talk to and Janet Paschal is one of them. I caught up with Janet on a warn day in July. She was relaxing at her North Carolina home, birds singing in the background. The occasion was the release of her highly anticipated hymns project, “Sounds Like Sunday”. This would be her first new music in over two years.

When you first listen to “Sounds Like Sunday”, you can’t help but notice the variety of musical styles that Janet has incorporated into the album. She laughed when I mentioned the variety. “That’s the way we worship”, Janet explains. “If you go

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into 50 different churches you will find 50 different styles of worship, 50 different ways of having service and doing things. So we said, ‘Let’s get everybody!’”

The rich, full sound of Janet Paschal’s, “Sounds Like Sunday” is due in part to producer Wayne Haun who has worked with such groups as Greater Vision and Legacy Five. “I just think he is one of the most brilliant producers.”, Janet explains. “He’s actually produced my last four of five projects. He’s young and has a lot of energy so he works tirelessly. At the end of the day some really sweet things come out of his brain.”

Janet Paschal’s, “Sounds Like Sunday” is a collection of twelve classic hymns. Many times Southern Gospel, as well as contemporary groups, release hymns projects as a filler between albums and as something to sell at their tables when they perform. This type of project often lacks in inspiration and quality. “Sounds Like Sunday” does not fall into this category.

“I knew that we wanted that.” Janet explains when asked about the top notch quality of the album. “During our initial meeting one of the things we said was - okay, there are some songs on this list that every hymns project has on it and we don’t need to keep trying to rerecord songs that are on everybody’s table. Let’s try to find some that might have incredible lyrics and wonderful messages that maybe some sections of church people have not heard and try to just put our twist on them and make people say, ‘Wow! Listen to the lyrics. Who knew?!’”

Picking The Songs On "Sounds Like Sunday"

One thing that every artist faces when making an album is narrowing the choice of songs down to those that will be on the album. This has to be tough when doing a hymns project due to the incredible volume of hymns available. Janet explained how the twelve songs on “Sounds Like Sunday” were chosen.

“There were three of us having lunch and we had a long list of hymns. One was Wayne Haun, the other the executive producer. We said okay we each get to chose one song at the very beginning.”, Janet giggles, “because we all come from different places. I’m coming from performing them on the platform. The producer is coming from the production angle. The executive producer encompasses all of it; radio, sales and what has been recorded a million times before.”

“So we each chose one”, Janet continues, “then we did one more round of that. So we each had two just because we wanted it on the album. From that point we said what do we have stylistically and tempo-wise, where are are holes, what do we need? It was a methodical thing.”

When asked which two songs that she picked, Janet laughed – she has such a wonderful laugh that is quick to lighten up the room- “That’s a good question isn’t it?” and she laughed again as the birds chirped in the back ground giving it a Disney Snow White princess atmosphere. “Okay” , She continues, “I actually have more than two songs because they put my face on it so I said I get more than two.” She laughs. “I chose, ‘I See A Crimson Stream’, ‘What A Friend We Have In Jesus’, ‘Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus’, and Near The Cross’”.

The first single released to Southern Gospel radio from Janet Pashcal’s “Sounds Like Sunday” album is a very soulful song entitled, “Mysterious Ways”. Janet explains how this song came to be on the album. “My cousins and I went to New York City because they had never been there and we all have birthdays in October. So we said we are going to celebrate it by all of us going to New York City – four girls, we were all raised beside each other. So we decided to go and we saw the musical, ‘The Color Purple’ and of course its just filled with Gospel songs. The opening song was ‘Mysterious Ways’ and we were just spellbound, our mouths were hanging open. So our executive producer said why don’t you record that on the hymns project. So I did and it turned out to be so much fun.”

The opening lines of “Mysterious Ways” set the mood for the song. “I wanted to get every ounce out of that song that I could”, Janet explains. “Well there was no question who was going to sing those opening lines.” Janet laughs, “I mean she just nails it. She puts you there in the pew, with a hat on and everybody fanning because there’s no air conditioning. You are just in that old church.”

“ Right away we loved that. We thought that it would be nice coming out of the high church opening to say and let everybody know that this is going to be a diverse project. I thought that it worked so well because it just says immediately when you start listening to the project, it says church is not going in one category. Church is all of these blends, all of these rhythms, all of these tempos. So we loved that idea.”


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