Lyrics to the Kingdom Heirs', "True To The Call"

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The Kingdom Heirs are one of the finest groups to every sing Southern Gospel Music. Here are the lyrics to their latest Southern Gospel music project entitled, "True to the Call". Many of the lyrics are by one of my all time favorite Southern Gospel lyricists, Diane Wilkinson.

The Kingdom Heirs are regularly perform in front of two million people a year. As a regular performer at Dollywood, they have helped to bring Southern Gospel to people that may have never been exposed to this form of music.

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Kingdom Heir Lyrics Below

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True to the Call

Kingdom Heirs from, “True To The Call”

Since Jesus Moved In

By Diane Wilkinson/Christian Taylor Music/BMI

Traveling life’s highway, living life my way, I roamed so far
Never knowing God had a wonderful plan for a sinner like me
Then He forgave me, cleansed me and saved me and now I see
There is only one way I’d ever have this life of victory

When Jesus moves in….He created everything brand new again
Changed my way of living, giving me joy I could never have known

Kingdom Heirs, Southern Gospel Music's Ambassadors to All

I didn’t know then……all I had to lose and all I had to win
He is mine forever, never will I make this journey alone
Worldly things I used to love……..I just don’t love anymore
Now I’m looking up above….at all that heaven has in store
This song in my heart is a never ending song of praise to him
I am not the sinner I had been since Jesus moved in

Ever he’s changing, still re-arranging this life of mine
Teaching me to walk this heavenly road I’m traveling on
I’m still growing, happy in knowing my sins are gone
I would never go back to that life I knew so long ago

Kingdom Heirs from, “True To The Call”


Diane Wilkinson / Centergy Music

There on the bed of affliction
Asking God for a miracle
You heard your trusted physician
Say, “You’d better get ready for the funeral”
Then you felt the touch of a Healing Hand
From the God Who can resurrect a lifeless man
Retire To SomethingLet me tell you what you already knew
The Rock’s between the hard place and you

One day you know you’re gonna surely be
Between the devil and the deep blue sea
If you didn’t have the Lord you wouldn’t know what to do
But there in the middle of the darkest night
You see God move, and everything’s all right
Cause the Rock’s between the hard place and you

There serving God in the bad times
Nobody cares if you sink or swim
Faithful in all of the sad times
You’ll always know you can depend on Him
When everyone thought that you would surely fail
God kept blessing and your faith prevailed
Everything He ever promised you is true
The Rock’s between the hard place and you

Kingdom Heirs from, “True To The Call”


Diane Wilkinson / Christian Taylor Music / BMIVERSE 1
I saw him out on the first day of August
It was 1963, A little boy playing
On a hot summer mornin’, I saw him but he didn’t see me
He and his friends were playing church that day
Singing songs they’d learned in Sunday school’
Johnny was standing at the cardboard pulpit
Preaching a sermon on the Golden Rule
And I know that he was thinkin’ ,this is what I want to do
The years had flown and the Lord had saved
Johnny: I believe he was just sixteen
He first heard the calling in a summer revival
I saw him but he didn’t see me as he reached the alter
While the preacher prayed and I saw his tears begin to fall
He prayed in a whisper, “Lord I’ll preach if you want me”;
The people were singing “I Surrender All”
And I know he was thinking “I have to be true to the call”

And he preached through the good times and the bad times
Wherever God led, he would go
And he reached many people for Jesus
He loved them more than they would ever know
Brother John always carried his King James Bible
And he witnessed to the great and small
If he thought about quitin’, no one ever knew
He was always true to the call

One Sunday morning, it was many years later
I heard Brother John had gone home
He’d preached until his last days the only true Gospel
The dream of that boy long ago
He had fought a good fight, and he had kept his faith
Never compromising through it all
He always remembered what he’d learned in his childhood
Just as Timothy had once heard from Paul
And I know he was thinkin’
“Thanks be to God for the call”

Kingdom Heirs from,”True To The Call”


Ann Downing / Toni Clay /Sweet Scarlet Music /BMI/ Yours For a Song / BMI

Mary went to find Him at the tomb
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“Jesus is not here”, the angel said
“Don’t look for one alive among the dead”

Mary turned around to see the Lord
And He asked, “Who are you looking for?
Mary, Mary tell Me why you weep….
If you open up your heart your eyes will see”

I Am salvation
I Am God’s grace
I Am His Wisdom
I AM his face
I AM his mercy
The object of faith
I Am forgivenss
I Am the Way

Verse 3
I asked the Lord, “Will You give me patience
Power, love and strength to see me through?”
I wanted all of the gifts over the Giver
He said, “Child, I am all these things to you”

“If you will only seek Me and my righteousness
Then all these things are added unto you”

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Kingdom Heirs from, “True To The Call”


Diane Wilkinson / Chris Binion Christian Taylor Music / BMI

Lord, I want you to know how sweet this journey’s been
Since I’ve been walking with you
Climbing each mountain, walking each valley
Every little river we go through
Even if I stumble as I travel
You will keep me as I go
I’m looking forward to my heavenly home
And I want you to know

I want You to know
(Lord, I’m so thankful for the love you’ve given me)
I want you to hear
(My heart rejoicing since I’m not the man I used to be)
I want you to see
(That I’ve been faithful ever since that day you saved my soul)
I wanna serve you wherever I go
Cigarrest to Stop Smoking in 7 Days!And I want you to know

Lord, I want You to know I’ll be a witness
Wherever You lead I will go
Ever proclaiming, telling Your story
Helping the lost find their way home
Knowing You are walking here beside me

Keeps me moving toward my goal
With heaven in view, I’d never turn back
And I want you to know


Kingdom Heirs from, “True To The Call”


Diane Wilkinson / Christian Taylor Music / BMI

Since I met the Savior at the old rugged cross
Life has never been the same for me
He took away the sin and all the sorrow it caused
He changed the wretched man I used to be
Now my yesterdays are gone and Heaven’s waiting up ahead
I know He’ll never leave me cause that’s what the Bible said
Since I met Him…. Oh, I want to testify Jesus made a believer
out of me

Oh, since I met Him…. I’m not the man I used to be
He taught me how to love and how to live
And since I let Him into this heart of mine
I have the peace and joy that only knowing God can give
He took me from the road to hell and turned my steps around
He changed my whole direction and now I’m heaven bound
Oh since I met Him…. I’m not the man I used to be
Jesus made a believer out of me

Saul of Tarsus met Him on Damascus Road
A women drew Him water from a well
A blind man got his healing on the road to Jericho
What a story all of these could tell
I know just how they felt when they encountered Him one day
When He saves your soul He takes you doubt and fear away
Since I met Him I want to testify

Jesus made a believer out of me.

Kingdom Heirs from “True To The Call”


Gerald Crabb /Christian Taylor Music BMI Crabb Town Music / Kathy Crabb Music / BMI

There were times I know you thought that it was a hopeless situation
You did every earthly thing that you could do
All the while you felt like giving up from you frustrations
But look at Who was looking out for you

He’s still walking down dusty roads
Calming storms and troubled souls
Restoring hope whne hope was gone
Winning battles you could never win
Standing with you when you need a friend
Be not weary on the journey, child for you can’t lose
Just look at who’s been looking out for you

At times the darkness settles in and tries to steal your vision
You stumble as you try to make it through
But don’t forget the promises the Child of God’s been given
Remember who’s been looking out for you


Kingdom Heirs from “True To The Call”


Diane Wilkinson / Jerry Kelco / Daywind Music BMI Christian Taylor Music / BMI

Have you ever thought about the things
That bring us fear and doubt along the way
There’s a lesson that begins with Daniel in the lion’s den
And how he prayed.
Daniel trusted God and knew that he’d survive
And when the night was over he was still alive
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When troubles walk in and you need a friend
You need an answer so call on Jesus today
God’s children find peace and their troubles cease
If Daniel could do it, you can get through it
Praying your troubles away

Now if you have learned your lesson,
Even trials can bring a blessing when you pray
And though it seems to last much longer
Even though God makes you stronger
Everyday you will find your faith is growing
more and more Learning from the trails
he’s brought you through before

There is not a problem that is not to big to solve
Because we know we serve a problem solving God
You can have victory over the troubles you face
By praying your troubles away

Kingdom Heirs from “True To The Call”


Diane Wilkinson / Centergy Music /BMI
Though words can be spoken, vows can be broken
When those you once trusted let you down
Faith can be shaken, confidence mistaken
When few faithful friends can be found
But I have a treasure…peace beyond all measure
Lord, my faith everyday You renew
I know whatever you do… Your Word is still true

Before I believed it…. I just couldn’t see it
When Christians put their troubles in God’s hands
Stormy winds were blowing, but they had joy in knowing
The sun would shine once again
So I learned a lesson…no heartache no depression
Can defeat me when storm clouds break through
Lord, You’ll do what You said You would do
Your Word is true

Lord, when You saved me…the promises You gave me
Sustained me…and I know they are still mine
For it’s settled in Heaven, Your Word lives forever
Never changed by the passing of time
So whether you’re blessing, or whether you’re testing my faith
I’ll still trust You
Though the world falls around me….
Lord, Your Word is still true

This is a wonderful Southern Gospel project from the Kingdom Heirs. The Southern Gospel music and lyrics will be a blessing to all that hear it. It is wonderful music!

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