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The Kingdom Heirs are one of my all time favorite Southern Gospel groups. I was a Kingdom Heirs fan for several years but was hooked for life after listening to their live performance of “I Love To Call His Name” on the Victory Lane Concert Tour CD for NASCAR drivers. It made me smile for many days in row. It showed how talented these folks are.

The Kingdom Heirs began singing Southern Gospel music in local churches in East Tennessee and then began singing at the Silver Dollar City theme park. In 1986 the park became known as Dollywood and they were asked to become the resident gospel music group. They still entertain and The Kingdom Heirs are one of the most popular Southern Gospel groups. evangelize many thousand there every year.

The Kingdom Heirs have been fan favorites for years garnering many industry awards including SGMA Awards, Dove Award nominations, and Singing News Fan Awards. They have won “Band of the Year” in 2006, 2005, 2004 and 2002.

The Kingdom Heirs have had several Top 5 songs including “I Don’t Want To Go Back” from their "Give Me That Mountain" album, both songs that will impact your life.

The Kingdom Heirs take their style of Southern Gospel music with lyrics that edify Christ before over 2 million people a year at Dollywood and on the road. Not many Southern Gospel groups or evangelists get a crowd that sized. Lives are changed as they sing about the Savior and His message of hope and salvation.

The Kingdom Heirs latest recordings include “True to the Call, Off The Record,Give Me That Mountain and White Christmas CD. They also have a new DVD, “Live at The Palace”.

Steve and Kreis French are the group's owners and have been with the Kingdom Heirs for almost 30 years. Steve is the baritone and MC. Kries plays bass. They also provide comic relief on and off stage for the group.

Dennis Murphy has been with the Kingdom Heirs for over 17 years and serves as the drummer. He is recognized as one of Southern Gospel music's best drummers and has been nominated as Instrumentalist of the Year several times. Dennis also sings and is a crowd favorite.

Arthur Rice is the Kingdom Heirs lead singer and has one of Southern Gospel music's best voices. He is been with the group for well over a decade has is consistently nominated for Favorite Lead Singer and Male Vocalist. Arthur also does most of the recording and producing for the group.

Billy Hodges has been with the Kingdom Heirs for just over two years. Billy is the tenor and has become a very recognizable voice in Southern Gospel music whether he is singing solo or mixing it up with the group.

Jeff Chapman is the bass sing extraordinaire for the Kingdom Heirs. His bass voice is full and rich and he is able to communicate the compassion of Christ with his voice.

Follow the links below to find Kingdom Heirs' music and the lyrics to your favorite Kingdom Heirs' songs.

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