Mark Bishop Shines on Abundant Sunshine

Mark Bishop is one of Southern Gospel music’s best singers and songwriters. His latest project, “Abundant Sunshine” showcases Mark’s talents on every selection from the opening lines of the title track to the closing lines, each song is well written and very well done. This could be his finest CD.The release date is May 15 but you can preorder it at the highlighted links.

One thing that I really appreciate about "Abundant Sunshine" is that Mark Bishop shines the spotlight on some of the most talented musicians in Southern Gospel music. The back cover and the inside of the The Magazine That The True Southern Gospel Music Fan Can't Be Without insert shows large pictures of those responsible for some of the best music tracks every recorded.

The Men Behind The Curtain
Jeff Collins produced the project, along with Mark Bishop, and also played piano and keyboards. David Johnson, “Mr. Play-it-all”, adds his talents on acoustic guitar, mandolin, fiddle, dobro, harmonica, steel guitar and banjo. Tony Creasman adds his flair on drums and percussion. Jerem Medkiff helps out on electric and bass guitar.

“Abundant Sunshine” also utilizes the vocal talents of Lauren Talley of the Talley Trio, Stephen Brown of the Jody Brown Indian family and Tim Surrett among others. With Mark Bishop’s writing and vocal skills and this all star line up this is one CD that will be a “must have”.

For booking information on Mark Bishop call the Harper Agency, 615-851-4500

Selection of Lyrics from “Abundant Sunshine” by Mark Bishop

Put Wings Upon Your Problems

Mark Bishop
Possum Run Music/BMI/Centery Music/BMI

Verse 1
Somewhere along the way you realize/ It's been so long since you / had seen sunny skies. / Just up above those stormy clouds / you know someone is looking down. / If only there were some way you / could call on him / Well my friend there is
Just put wings upon your problem / and it becomes a prayer. / Lift your worries up to heaven / where Jesus hears and cares. / When burdens grow so heavy / and oh so hard to bear / just put wings upon your problem / and it becomes a prayer.
Verse 2
You have resigned yourself to feeling unloved. / Shackles and chains may bind your heart / oh but above Jesus looks down and sees / a lost little lamb who needs / to rest in the arms of the shepherd / the one who says "Come to Me..".Outro
Just put wings.... upon your problem. / Just put wings...upon your problem. / Just put wings....upom your problem / and it becomes a prayer.


Mean, Mean People

Mark Bishop
Possum Run Music/BMI/ Centergy Music/BMI

Life can be a happy song...with smiling folks that get along / but those who grumble and complain are like a day that's filled with rain....
Chorus 1
What are we gonna do about these mean, mean people? / Where does it come from? / I can't really say for sure. / Not much you and I can do for mean, mean people. / Love could be the remedy. / Jesus is the cure.
Verse 2
Put your head down in your hands and maybe they'll just go away. / Brother then we understand it only comes again someday.
We're commissioned by the Lord / To try and do a little more / To take His Love into a hurting world.
Chorus 2
What are we gonna do about these hurting people? / Where does it come from? / I can't really say for sure. / Let the sun shine down on all these hurting people. / Love might be the remedy / and Jesus is the cure.

The patience of the Angels

Mark Bishop
Possum Run Music/BMI/Centery Music/BMI

Verse 1
When Mary cries the angels heard her weeping./ For they loved, as she, that man upon the cross. / They remember when they delivered Him as an infant / On the day that mankind's gain was heaven's loss.
Verse 2
And here they were again to see Him suffer. / Some turned away, as skies of gray turned black. / As they waited on the edge of heaven's portals / with a whisper from his lips, they'd bring him back.
Oh they story tells of the patience of angels. / When heaven's only Son was sacrificed. / We'd never find eternal life / but for the love of Jesus Christ / and the patience of the angels in the sky.
Verse 3
Fr a moment, all around heard only silence. / Not a mournful cry, no soldier's taunt nor jeer. / For instead of caling down ten thousand angels / on a stained and matted face they traced a tear.


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