Southern Gospel Music Radio Show Hosts Starts New Website

Hello, my name is Tim Eutin and I love Southern Gospel Music. For nearly a decade I have been the voice of the Morning Show on the He's Alive Radio Network. I feature the best music everyday of the week. You can tune in online at

Southern Gospel Music has become a passion for me. I eagerly look forward to new music from my favorite artists. I can't understand why the world hasn't caught on to Southern Gospel music. It is God's music! This site is my attempt to help get the word out to the world: Southern Gospel music is awesome, well done, Christ centered entertainment for people of all ages!

I regularly interview top Southern Gospel artists for the morning show. Great folks like Mark Bishop, Lily Isaac, Mike Bowling, Annie McRae, Aaron Crabb, Brian Free and others. I would broadcast these interviews and then archive them but always felt that people in different parts of the country would like to hear them. That's one of the reasons for the website. To make these interviews available to Southern Gospel Music fans everywhere.

Another reason for the site is to allow the world to see, read, and experience the lyrics of some of Southern Gospel musics best songs. The message in Southern Gospel music is powerful and life changing.

My listeners have often told me how hard it is to find music, accompaniment tracks, and information about their favorite groups. I hope that this site will help in that regards as well.

I am also in a position where many newer groups ask for advice on how to be better, how to reach a larger audience through radio. As this site developes I hope to give these groups the information that they are looking for.

Southern Gospel music is a wonderful way to reach people with the message of Jesus Christ. Many wonderful folks take the Gospel message to the people every week by singing with accompaniment tracks. What a blessing these people are as they take their music into churches, nursing homes or revival meetings. This site will contain information to encourage and equip these people in their desire to reach the lost and encourage the believers with music.

In addition to being the Morning Show host, I am the Program/Music director of the He's Alive Radio network. We cover an audience of over 3 million people in PA,MD, and WV. I,along with my wife Stacey, are ordained ministers of the Gospel and are the founders of Isaiahsix8 Ministries. We have six wonderful children (some young adults! my how time flies) and homeschool our youngest daughters.

Thank you for visting . May God continue to bless you and your family. Have a great day!

Do You Have A Dream?

Do you dream about being in a place where you can quit your job? Perhaps become a missionary or go into full time music ministry. Perhaps you dream about finding ways to make extra cash to put your kids through college. Maybe you dream about being a stay at home mom, taking care of the wonderful children that God has entrusted you with. Dreams….

Welcome to my dream – this website!

I love what I am doing working in Christian radio but I sometimes get anxious about sending my girls to college. That’s where you, this website and SBI! Come in. I love Southern Gospel music. I enjoy talking with the artists and playing their music. It blesses me and it blesses those that listen. This website grew out of my passion for Southern Gospel Music and my desire to start an online business. SBI! Allowed me to do both.

SBI! Which stands for Solo Build It, is a way that even the computer illiterate, like myself, can build a home business on the internet that looks professional and works. I love it! It works!

If you have ever thought about starting an online or home based business you owe it to yourself and your family to check this out. I’ve clicked on a lot of links looking for a home based business and I’ve attended seminars where people in fancy suits tried to sell me an internet store for thousands of dollars – nothing compares to SBI! It simply works.

Take the first step in realizing your dreams today, visit SBI!

SBI! allows you to turn your passion into a business. A business that will allow you to reach your dreams - whatever they might be! What are you going to do today to make your dreams a reality?
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