The Perrys - Traditional Southern Gospel Music for Today

The Perrys are one of Southern Gospel Music's most beloved groups. This group represent quality in Southern Gospel music much like a Rolls Royce does in the auto industry – it just doesn't get much better! Their down-to-earth personalities and wit have endeared them to everyone they meet. They are real people with a real love for the Lord and His children.

The legend of how the Perrys came about involves singing around a family piano in December of 1970. From this small beginning, God has moved this ministry into one of the prominent national Southern Gospel groups. The Perrys minister at over 250 dates a

The Perrys,Southern Gospel Music video with Gerald Wolfe and Mark here

year. Their music tops Southern Gospel radio play lists from coast to coast.

The Perrys consist of Libbi Perry Stuffle who is one of the best alto's in Southern Gospel music. She is the only original member of the group. He has been voted Female Vocalist and Alto Singer of The Year by the fans of the Singing News Magazine.

Tracy Stuffle sings bass. He along with his wife Libbi manage the group. He also is the emcee and bus driver. Tracy has one of the best bass voices in Southern Gospel music and his

professionalism is second to none.

Nick Trammell is the Perrys baritone. The lead singer is Joseph Habedank who is one of the most talented vocalists in Southern Gospel Music. Matthew Holt is the group's pianist.

The Perrys' latest CD, "Look No Further " shows the group at it's finest. The first radio single, "Holy Shore" is a song of hope that will encouarage the saints for years to come. Another song from the "Look No Further" Cd that I enjoy is "The Potter Knows The Clay, Accompaniment CD". This song speaks to everyone that has felt the refiner's fire in their life. It’s a well done song.

One song that has touched so many people and still gets requests on the He's Alive Radio Network is "I Will Find You Again" from the "Life Of Love" CD. This endearing song speaks to all who have lost a loved one and how we will be reunited one day. Libbi sang this song shortly after her father went home to glory. It is a song that will stand the ages and has become a classic.

You can tell a lot about a group by the other artists that they respect and are influenced by. The Perrys were greatly influenced by the Happy Goodmans. The Perrys paid tribute to the Happy Goodmans when they released one of my favorite CD's, "Remembering the Happy Goodmans". As Libbi states in the liners, "Vestal was my all time hero! When I was little I wanted to grow up and be the lady with the BIG hair…" Libbi's voice on "God Walks The Dark Hills" is perfect.

A live performance with the Perrys never disappoints. The ministry and music will touch you. Their booking agent is The Harper Agency, 615-822-4524.

Perrys Lyrics Below

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Southern Gospel lyrics touch the heart. They are some of the most beautiful words ever put to paper. I hope that these words inspire you and encourage you.

Holy Shore

Made popular by The Perrys
From the CD, “Look No Further”

I hear God’s children testify
We’re troubled, sick and worn
Soldiers fainting in the fight
Not wanting to go on
Our knees are sore from bowing
Yet we know that’s how we win
So please let me remind you
It will be worth all of the pain

Oh weary worker I know that you’ve heard
That we’ll soon be going home
Sweet intercessor it will be better
Over on that holy shore

Let’s look once more
And see what John saw coming any day
A holy cloud and then a voice heard
Calling us away
To a place where there’s no praying
For there won’t be any sin
Let the vision see on Patmos
Refresh our hearts again
You have heard about our future
Lift your weary wandering eyes
And see the Holy City
That shore is now in sight

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The Potter Knows The Clay

Made popular by The Perrys
From the CD, “Look No Further”

I know you are going through the fire
Its getting hard to stand the heat
But even harder is the wondering
Is God’s hand still on me
Its lonely in the flames
When you’re counting days of pain

But the Potter knows the clay
How much pressure it can take
How many times around the wheel
‘Til there’s submission to His will
he’s planned a beautiful design
but it’ll take some fire and time
its gonna be okay
‘cause the Potter knows the clay

Friend I just came through that fire
Not too very long ago
And looking back I can see why
And that my God was in control
But on the hottest days I'd cry
Oh Lord, isn't it about time

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